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So Many Bad Things Can Happen While 'Motorcycle Surfing'

But that didn't stop these daredevils.
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Listen to 'I Am A Nightmare'
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Covington Bar Selling 50 Cent's 'EFFEN Vodka' for 50 Cents, and that's hilarious

Still a little over-priced.
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Brand new Blink 182, listen to "Bored to Death" + Check out tour dates

It's the band's first song with Matt Skiba
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WATCH: David Spade Hilariously Skewers The Coachella Crowd

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
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Walk the Moon cancel their summer tour

Thoughts and Prayers To Nick & His Family
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AWESOME: Entire Irish Pub Sings 'Mr Brightside' in Tribute to Dead Friend

This is incredible.
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Americans Try To Pronounce City Names in Ohio (Video)

Haha, what?
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2016 Bunbury Festival Lineup!

See who's coming to Cincinnati this summer!!
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This Boy Killed Himself Because of a Text. When You Hear The Family's Story You'll Be In Tears.

Bullying has to stop, kids need to say something when they hear someone talking suicide.
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